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state of the art patented precious metals refining systems equipment

  • Precious Metals Refining - Jacobs I

    The state of the art HeraCYCLE ... Materials and equipment used are always monitored. Systems like video-control ensure the security of your precious metal. 12 Precious Metal Refining and Precious Metal Chemistry in general is the core business at Heraeus. Thus Heraeus

  • Precious Metal Refinery | Gold, Silver, Platinum Refinery

    Mid-States Recycling & Refining is a precious metal refinery based out of Chicago. With our open-door policy every customer can monitor our process! ... the industrys best practices are performed by experienced professionals using todays most precise and reliable equipment. ... New state-of-the-art


    PRECIOUS METALS REFINING EQUIPMENT, PLANTS , KNOW HOW AND TECHNOLOGY. The Refining is a chemical process by which it is possible to recover and refine the precious metals coming from the goldsmiths and silversmiths scraps and from mines gold bars. We supply Gold refining equipment worldwide.

  • Industrial automations for the precious metal field TERA ...

    We have developed high performance automated systems specifically for the precious metal industry. All of our machines can achieve increasing degrees of automation, by adapting to the company existing machines or by remodeling them completely.Our industrial automations can be fitted with any type of robot, with the purpose of maximizing the company productivity as well as end product quality.

  • Equipment purchase reduces overall capex and fast tracks ...

    Feb 18, 2021· Magnis Energy Technologies Limited (ASX: MNS) is pleased to announce that Imperium3 New York (iM3NY) has acquired state-of-the-art machinery from lithium-ion cell manufacturer A123 Systems

  • Recycling the Platinum Group Metals: A European ...

    The high technical recyclability of platinum group metals means that over 95% recovery can be achieved once pgm-containing scrap reaches a state-of-the-art refining facility. Technical challenges exist, but the main barriers to recycling pgms lie in ensuring the collection of scrap and in the capacity and technical capabilities of recycling chains around the world.

  • Refining the Gold Standard | ABC Refinery

    Since then, ABC Refinery has developed into Australias most technologically advanced precious metal refining, assaying and minting facility featuring state of the art equipment and security. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Pallion, ABC Refinery plays a fundamental role in its fully vertically integrated model of precious metal services.

  • OVERVIEW OF PGM PROCESSING - Anglo American Platinum

    Base Metal Refining (incl. Magnetic Concentration for some players) Precious Metal Refining PGMs Gold Incorporating PGMs into various end applications Processing: c.10% of input from non-integrated miners Major PGM miners are integrated from mining to refining and therefore maintain

  • KMG Gold Recycling Implements New State-of-the-Art X-Ray ...

    Jun 24, 2013· The new, state-of-the-art technology will substantially improve the speed and efficiency of KMG Gold Recycling's precious metal analysis, a key factor in the refining process. Gupton says, "With only two of these machines in Winnipeg, KMG Gold is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best that the industry has to offer."

  • The Ups and Downs of Gold Recycling - BCG

    Mar 05, 2015· Some companies have developed state-of-the-art recovery operations to surmount the challenge of extracting gold and other metals from WEEE material. For example, Umicores plant in Hoboken, Belgium, recovers 17 metals at high yield from a range of waste streams, such as spent catalytic converters and chemical catalysts, industrial materials ...

  • The Basics - Precious Metal Refining, Recovery

    Sep 01, 2013· Ideally, there should be no hazardous waste materials shipped from a precious-metals processing facility, although some plants will ship them under approved procedures and conditions. Minimal pollutants should be emitted before, during and after refining. Exhaust air quality should be managed with state-of-the-art pollution control systems.

  • WO2010058188A1 - Google Patents

    The present invention relates to a method, and apparatus for the recovery of precious metals. Accordingly, it provides a continuous process for obtaining a precious metal composition from a feedstock material, the process comprising the steps of : (i) heating a feedstock material in a plasma furnace to form an upper slag layer and a lower molten metal layer; (ii) removing the slag layer; (iii ...

  • gold refining Equipment | Environmental XPRT

    Compact, space-saving, modular system series. Capacity: 3 to 100 kg precious metal within 8 hours.Easy to expand due to modular design. Including agitator motors, heating, condensers, solvent containers in SCHOTT glass,precipitation and filter units, reservoir .Dissolving medium aqua regia ( HN03 +HCL).The complete unit is located under an exhaust hood and in a drain tray .Acids and solutions ...

  • Fine Gold Recovery - iCon Gravity Concentrator

    The i-CON is the newest addition line of world class enhanced gravity concentrators for the recovery of precious metals and heavy minerals.The i-CON is personal, small scale mining equipment which provides artisanal, small scale and recreational miners state of the art

  • Precious metal extraction process - Google Patents

    There is disclosed a process useful for the extraction of gold, silver, and the platinum metals from precious metal containing ores which poses no threat to the environment or the ground water. The process utilizes sodium bromide, sodium chloride, and potassium monopersulfate to react with a water slurry of the precious metal containing ore which has been reduced to a minimum particle size of ...

  • Precious Metal Refining Technology | Arch Enterprises

    This technology is used to pinpoint the amount of precious metal available in an item without causing any damage to the material. The XRF Analytical Machine accounts for of the metals in an item. We employ state-of-the-art security technology and we are in compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

  • CJ Environmental | Leader in Precious Metal Refining ...

    Precious Metal Refining. We recover and refine Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium using the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art evaluation methods, affording us the luxury of yielding our clients the highest possible returns.

  • US6596245B2 - Process for the recovery and refining of ...

    The present invention relates to a process for the recovery and refining of rhodium starting from a mixture containing rhodium and other transition metals, including those of the platinum Group, as well as metals of the main Groups, said process comprising the following passages: a) formation of an adduct between rhodium trichloride and a halide of a metal selected from metals of Groups IIA ...


    In 1987, TMC Metal Co., Ltd. was founded in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, as a scrap metal recycling plant. TMCs operations involve the recycling of materials from many industries, e.g. semi-conductor devices, photoelectric devices, and other scrap/bi-products resulting from electronic equipment manufacturers, petroleum refiners, and petrochemical producers.

  • Catalysts for Gasoline Engines | BASF Catalysts

    This state-of-the-art platform technology uses BASF's patented, segregated washcoat technology, which precisely places the precious metals within the washcoat, resulting in several important benefits: Optimal use of precious metals; Lower cost and higher effectiveness

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    SECURITY. RESPONSIBILITY. MAXIMUM RECOVERY. PROFESSIONAL REFINING SERVICES RESPONSIBLE ELECTRONICS RECYCLING IT ASSET DISPOSITION AND REMARKETING ABOUT COLT REFINING & RECYCLING Colt Refining, Inc (CRI) has over 40 years experience, active ownership and a corporate philosophy dedicated to the fundamental values of integrity, quality, and

  • DigitalRefining | Company/product literature for the ...

    The science of recovering and refining precious metal catalysts is straightforward: state of the art technology. The art of this process, however, is what makes Sabin different from all others: thats the knowledge, experience, and expertise gained from seven decades of successfully serving thousands of organizations around the world.

  • Plastics and precious metal refining solution for ICT industry

    State of the art technology The latest and best technologies/equipment for production Completion of recycling production Integrate sorting, purification and compounding in one location Scale and quality >60,000 tons/year PCR (pellet) ABS, HIPS, PC/ABS, PC Advance QA system with UL quality

  • Catalytic Converter Refining| PGM Recycling: Global ...

    Global Refining Group is a leader in catalytic converter recycling and PGM (Platinum Group Metals) recycling in the United States and internationally. From collecting to

  • About Us - ECO-Mastermelt

    The ECO-Mastermelt Precious Metal Recovery Plant, completed in October 2016 is situated at ECOs site in Tuas, Singapore. The plant features state of the art equipment providing precious metal recovery services to Asia. Technology Current group thermal treatment capacity in

  • PTI Metal Detectors - Worlds Most Advanced Security Systems

    Metal Detection and Loss Prevention Leader. Protective Technologies International has been manufacturing the worlds most sensitive metal detection systems for 45 years. Our state of the art technology is being utilized by todays leading mining, refining and jewelry companies to detect and prevent the loss of their precious metal inventory.

  • Recycling of Electronic Scrap at Umicore. Precious Metals ...

    Equipped with state-of the art off-gas and waste water purification installations, the plant has been developed to the globally most advanced full-scale processor of various precious metals ...

  • TANAKA Precious MetalsīŊœ80% Reduction in Material Costs ...

    State-of-the-art equipment continues to evolve-the challenge is to maintain high quality in the face of increasing demand. E Inc., a chipmaker that manufactures semiconductor packages used for mobile phones and LCD TVs, invested in capital equipment and hired aggressively in order to maintain its high performance quality.

  • Precious Metal Refining Machinery for sale

    USED Precious metal refinery plant for sale. Price: 250.000 Our refining systems offer you what you need to refine gold of any kind-- whether its scrap gold, fine gold jewelry, karat gold, gold from mining, prospecting or gold of any other type. The system even works for other precious metals, including silver, platinum, and palladium

  • Precious Metal Refiners - | Advanced Chemical Company

    Throughout the world, Advanced Chemical Companys high-grade precious metals refining capabilities in thermal reduction and chemical refining are simply unmatched. We combine meticulous handling techniques, knowledgeable staff, and state-of-the-art processing to relentlessly pursue the greatest yields for our refining partners.

  • Metal recovery from incineration bottom ash: State-of-the ...

    Jul 05, 2020· The heavy non-ferrous metals fraction with a density greater than 4,000 kg/ m 3 remains on the jig bottom and contains stainless steel, copper, brass, and precious metals; as metals are washed, they can be led directly to smelting plant. The light fraction has a medium density and contains a mineral matrix of IBA, including aluminum.

  • Recycling of Electronic Scrap at Umicore Precious Metals ...

    The business unit Umicore Precious Metals Refining operates at Hoboken near Antwerp, Belgium, an inte- grated metals smelter and refinery, which recovers and sells a wide range of metals from ...

  • Top 25 technology providers - Lists - Refining ...

    Jan 04, 2021· Refining and petrochemicals manufacturing industry has always been technology-driven. Technology innovations are necessary in plant design, equipment making and process operation in order to make large-scale manufacturing activities commercially viable. Technology leaders consistently redefine the way people think, work and create value.

  • Electric Vehicles and the Effect on the Metal Market ...

    Almost half the precious metal used in the last few years, 38 percent, was sold to the auto industry for use in catalytic converters to curb diesel pollution. Another 20 percent of the platinum was sold for other industrial uses, and surprisingly, only 41 percent was used for jewelry and investment purposes.

  • gold refining equipment germany

    Precious Metal Refining Maguire Refining. Expert and Accurate Precious Metal Refining Prompt precise assaying of gold platinum palladium and silver. With state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard processes we offer accurate precious metal refining to jewelry professionals nationwide. Our prompt competitive returns rival any in the industry.

  • Services - SAM Precious Metals

    Sam Precious Metals has state of the art facility, top-quality equipment operated by a professional and experienced team for refining gold and silver. We can process the raw material with as low as 10% gold content ( in some cases even lower) and we guarantee a recovery of your gold.

  • Our Services | The Royal Canadian Mint

    An expert team of technical and scientific personnel is at the heart of our success. Their innovative approach is supported by state-of-the-art practices and methodologies, which address the complete range of precious metals, from low-grade material to 99999 fine gold. Fire assay method

  • PAMP | About PAMP

    PAMP is an integral part of the MKS PAMP GROUP and, as such, operates closely with MKS (Switzerland) S.A., a leading, global precious metals and financial services company based in Geneva.With more than 50-years of trading expertise to support it, MKS (Switzerland) S.A. covers all financial and trading aspects of precious metals primarily for institutional investors.

  • AquaMetals About Us - AquaMetals - AquaMetals Aquametals

    AquaRefinings modular equipment can be implemented in new state-of-the-art facilities or licensed to partners for retrofitting existing battery recycling facilities, providing Aqua Metals with ongoing licensing and royalty revenues.

  • TCB Metals and Refining

    TCB Metals and Refining, specializes in the recovery of precious metals from your ore concentrates. We invite you to learn more about our company by clicking the link below. About TCB. Located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ is TCB's state of the art, closed loop, metals refining, and recovery facility. Utilizing our proprietary continuous leach ...