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  • Model 500 | Precision 100 kV high voltage probe

    Model 500 is a precision, high voltage resistive probe that allows low-level voltmeters to safely and accurately measure DC voltages (only) up to 100 kV. It is constructed using our oil-free, state-of-the-art epoxy encapsulation technology. Divider ratios of 1000:1 and 10000:1 are standard, and calibration is traceable to NIST primary standards.

  • UltraVolt Purchases Stake In High-Voltage Products ...

    Mar 30, 2008· UltraVolt, Inc. announced that it has acquired a 50% stake in HVP Global, LLC, which is described as the worlds first electronic products distributor dedicated to high-voltage components and subsystems. Founded in 2005, HVP Global focuses on a unique distribution strategy, offering only complementary high-voltage products. In addition, each HVP office has a technical sales force that

  • Great Plains Electronics

    Rebuild components for Williams System 3 through System 11c high voltage power supplies. See details for additional information. Ceramic and electrolytic capacitors are not included with base kit. Most machines used 100uF electrolytic caps for the high voltage, only

  • High Voltage Power Supplies (High Power C Series) - HVP ...

    High Voltage Power Supplies (High Power C Series) by HVP High Voltage Products . This High Power line of high-voltage regulated DC to DC converters is an extension of the C Series, directly addressing the high power density needs of >30 watt applications. Download.

  • Probes / HVP - HVP High Voltage Products

    High voltage measurements have a variety of different requirements, and our PVM series and VD series probes are designed for most of these requirements. ... HVP High Voltage Products Fraunhoferstr. 12 82152 Martinsried / Munich Germany +49 (0)89 864 6677-0 +49 (0)89 864 6677-99 [email protected] Imprint; Data protection; Terms

  • (HVP-275) High Voltage Proximity Detector / Tester - Products

    HV-40 / HVP-40M High Voltage Probe / High Voltage Analog Meter HVP-40M Digital High voltage meter LF-190E / LF-210E / LF-250 60MHz, 100MHz, 250MHz Oscilloscope Probes

  • CenturyLink | Wholesale | High Voltage Protection

    Jan 30, 2017· High Voltage Protection - V8.0. Product Description . All CenturyLink services that extend to designated high voltage (HV) environments are required to have high voltage protection (HVP). HVP devices may be provided by you, the end-user, or may be requested from CenturyLink. High Voltage Protection (HVP) is intended to:

  • HVP40 High-Voltage Probe

    High Voltage Test Probe. The HVP-40 is a high voltage probe, typically used to measure voltages that can be life-threatening. It is a larger probe designed to protect a person against high voltages up to 40KV. The 3 leads attached to it can be connected to any multimeter.

  • Capacitor Charging Power Supplies (GH2516-M1) - HVP High ...

    HVP High Voltage Products . The model GH2516 is a state-of-the-art power conversion unit utilizing IGBT switches operating at high frequency in a series resonance topology. This air-cooled unit contains no oil or other dielectric fluids, so the unit is significantly lighter and more reliable than comparable units.


    Low Power/High Voltage DC-DC Converters: Up To 10,000V DC Output. Pico Electronics, Inc. is the industry leader for manufacturing high reliability miniature and ultra-miniature passive magnetic components. From the depths of the oceans, to the surface of Mars, Picos transformers and inductors are used in the most rugged applications.

  • AMP+ HVP 1100 High Voltage Connector System | TE Connectivity

    TE's AMP+ HVP 1100 high voltage connector system is designed for flexibility with a wide range of options for hybrid and electric vehicle device applications. The finger-proof, touch-safe, 1-position high current connectors and headers provide an integrated internal HVIL allowing for package size optimization and routing flexibility.

  • HVP High Voltage Products - w-hs

    HVP High Voltage Products - the leading distributor for high voltage components and systems on the European market. HVP highest priority consist of being a reliable partner for its customer whilst offering a substantial knowledge, due to qualified personnel and long-time experiences in

  • High-Voltage Communication | RLH Industries, Inc.

    High voltage environments are susceptible to GPR (Ground Potential Rise) events. In some cases a voltage potential between the ground grid and remote earth may exceed 100Kv. ... Most RLH HVP products are backed by our Limited Lifetime warranty, the best available for isolation equipment, dramatically reducing the cost of ownership and operation ...

  • Global High Voltage Amplifier Sales Market Report 2021 ...

    HVP High Voltage Products High Voltage Amplifier Product Table 144. HVP High Voltage Products Recent Development Table 145. Dewetron Corporation Information Table 146. Dewetron High Voltage Amplifier Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (2016-2021)

  • Hvp-275 Taiwan High Voltage Proximity Detector - Buy ...

    High Voltage Proximity Detector. HVP-275 Features Sealed by " O" Ring. 8 voltage settings: 240Vac, 2kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 132kV, and 275kV High bright LEDs visual indication Sound indication Easy-to-proov method Self-test selection Use 3 x 1.5V C batteries High impact nylon casing Non-contact work by proximity Compatible with most link sticks

  • (HVP-277) High voltage non contact detector - Products

    The HVP-277 high voltage detector is an ideal tool for checking the presence of AC high voltages and AC low voltages in cables, wall outlet, fuses.....etc. The HVP-277 provides a non-contact detection for AC voltages from 50V~132kV. It's also an essential tool for industrial, utility and mine safety applications.

  • HVP Panel mount fuse holder | 30 A | 480 V | Eaton

    HVP Panel mount fuse holder. Eatons HVP fuse holders are panel mount fuse holders for 1/4" x 1-1/4" (6.3 mm x 32 mm) cartridge or ferrule fuses. This is a high voltage rating and current rating fuse holder, up to 480 V and 30 A for higher power assemblies. The HVP is a RoHS compliant fuse accessory.

  • Global High Voltage Diode (3KV to 40KV) Market Research ...

    Table 67. HVP High Voltage Products High Voltage Diode (3KV to 40KV) Corporation Information Table 68. HVP High Voltage Products Specification and Application Table 69. HVP High Voltage Products High Voltage Diode (3KV to 40KV) Production (K Units), Revenue (US$ Million), Price (US$/Unit) and Gross Margin (2016-2021) Table 70.

  • HVP High Voltage Products | LinkedIn

    Since the founding of our company in 2005, HVP has grown to be one of the worlds leading experts regarding products, designs, and solutions for high voltage, low voltage, high power and high ...

  • Contact / HVP - HVP High Voltage Products

    HVP High Voltage Products Fraunhoferstraße 12 82152 Martinsried / München Deutschland / Germany Telefon: + 49 (0) 89 / 864 66 77 0 Fax: + 49 (0) 89 / 864 66 77 99 E mail: [email protected] .hvproducts

  • High Voltage Power Supply Products | SpellmanHV

    High Voltage Power Supply Products. Spellman high voltage power supplies are complex power conversion circuits that convert a lower voltage potential to a higher voltage potential. Typical output voltages for Spellmans high voltage power supplies are

  • HVP High Voltage Products Joins the Dean Technology ...

    Dean Technology, Inc. expands into Europe with the addition of HVP High Voltage Products with headquarters in Germany. The sales staff, located in Germany, is very experienced in high voltage, and surge suppression components and will provide inventory as well as technical support for our products

  • Teledyne LeCroy - HVP120

    The HVP120 is a high voltage passive probe designed for probing up to 1,000 Vrms and capable of handling up to 6,000 V peak transients. Its fast rise time and excellent frequency response make it suitable for a wide variety of high voltage measurement applications. The HVP120 features a spring loaded probe tip and a variety of standard ...

  • Model 250 | Precision 50 kV DC high voltage probe

    Model 250 is a precision, high voltage resistive probe that allows low-level voltmeters to safely and accurately measure DC voltages (only) up to 50 kV. Its unusually short length only twelve inches is made possible by our oil-free, state-of-the-art epoxy encapsulation technology. Divider ratios of 1000:1 and 10000:1 are standard, and ...

  • HVP High Voltage Products - Home | Facebook

    HVP High Voltage Products . March 19 at 7:27 AM ·. Founded by end of 2005, HVP High Voltage Products , is one of the leading experts for high voltage products for. Power Supplies. Active Components. Passive Components. Test and Measurement ... and Systems. We provide you with innovative and efficient standard ...

  • Intelect® Hvp High Volt Stimulator (Chattanooga) | Dental ...

    Intelect® Hvp High Volt Stimulator. A Portable Unit used for Relief of Muscle Spasms, Increasing Localized Circulation, and Improving Range of Motion. Features Two Active, and One Dispersive Channel, Continuous or Alternating Modes, Twin-Peak, High Voltage Pulsed Current. Pulse Rate: 1-100 Pulse Pairs Per Second Output.

  • AMP+ HVP 800 high voltage connector system | TE Connectivity

    TEs AMP+ HVP 800 high voltage connector system safely transports high currents and voltages from a battery to the inverter and e-motor with up to 250A (continuous) on 50mm² wire. The watertight connectors provide a robust design that optimizes package size and plug and header selections to create multiple wire harness assembly routing options.


    Welcome To High Voltage Powerline Inc ... (T&D, Transmission and Distribution Products and Services, Gas Gathering, Substation construction and maintenance products and Services, Generation) Read More. EXPERTS IN: Recruiting: The industry leader and #1 provider of contract linemen and crews in the United States. HVP can recruit and employ ...

  • HVP-KE18F|High-Voltage Development Platform | NXP ...

    The HVP-KE18F controller card is a development platform for the Kinetis ® KE1x family that, in combination with the HVP-MC3PH high-voltage development platform, provides ready-made software and hardware development for high-voltage motor control

  • News HVP

    Since October, 2019 The joint project Pressure-Neutral High-Voltage Systems is a research program for the exploration of efficient, low-maintenance power supply systems for deep-sea applications. The participating parties are two Universities in affiliation with two industrial partners one of which is HVP High Voltage Products .

  • High Voltage Probe - Custom High-power Probe | FormFactor Inc.

    FormFactors high-power probes achieve reliable and repeatable on-wafer measurements up to 300 A and 10,000 V. High Voltage Probe Key Features. Coaxial and triaxial measurements up to 3,000 V. High-quality construction with low-noise electrical performance. Replaceable probe tips in a variety of tip sizes. Temperature range of -55 to 300ºC.

  • Klystron Modulators HVP

    We offer everything from a pure high-voltage pulse modulator to a turn-key RF unit including klystron, control system and related components. Thanks to our modular design we can offer modulators that handle a wide range of loads all the way up to 100 MW RF peak power.

  • Approved Distributors & Sales Representatives » Essex X ...

    HVP High Voltage Products . Fraunhoferstr. 12 82152 Martinsried / Planegg Deutschland Germany T: +49 (0) 89/ 864 6677 32

  • Solving High-Voltage Problems - In Wireless-Utility ...

    However, special high-voltage protection (HVP) isolation devices including isolation transformers, optical couplers, and fiber optics interrupt the conductive paths that carry the GPR currents (Figure 3). These devices provide an isolation gap rated at 50 kV rms and 90 kv for surges.

  • Testec Elektronik - Qualität Sicherheit Erfahrung.

    VDC ±6 %. VAC ±6 % @ 1 kHz. Input Impedance. 100 MΩ, 1 pF. Bandwidth. 50 MHz (-3 dB) Rise Time. 7 ns. Cable Length.

  • High-Voltage Development Platform | NXP Semiconductors

    The HVP-56F82748 controller card is a development platform for the DSC56F8xxxx family which in combination with one of HVP-MC3PH High-Voltage Development Platform provides ready-made software and hardware development for high-voltage motor control and power conversion applications.